A Bridge to Cloud Manufacturing

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A Bridge to Cloud Manufacturing

Cloud computing and cloud services are taking the communications and financial worlds by storm, but not so much the world of manufacturing. There are good reasons for this, including the need for non-disclosure of proprietary product information, security concerns, web access speed, and a lack of applications designed to help manufacturers. Legacy systems are deeply embedded, and most are local client-server applications that have not been rewritten for the cloud.

While a transition to the cloud in manufacturing is essentially a hypothetical, this doesn’t mean that it won’t happen eventually, nor that there won’t be incredible benefits for manufacturers once it does occur. Among the benefits will be greater access through any device to manufacturing information, reduced software support costs associated with locally installed software, a new breed of better-designed software applications, and 100% reliable offsite back up for mission-critical manufacturing data.

At Machine Research, we have built a bridge to this new world of cloud computing by providing a shape-searchable platform where you can upload and store your legacy data and connect to your internal CAD, CAM, and ERP systems. We think you’ll like the future we envision.

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