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Product designers are the lifeblood of the manufacturing industry: you design, we build. The two activities go hand-in-hand, but require distinctly different skillsets and areas of focus. However, learning from the past in order to do things more efficiently and productively in the future is something both disciplines can embrace.

The Problem

You’ve designed hundreds, maybe even thousands of products in the past. What you designed when you first began your career is likely very different than what you design now; you’ve gained a ton of practical experience and know-how in the interim, and now do these jobs better and more efficiently.

How much of that knowledge do you reuse? Probably most of the general concepts, but not much in terms of specific designs. Do you remember the overviews you designed on a particular part four years ago that happen to be very similar to your current project? Do you have a way of accessing that part to see what went into the design, the cost of manufacturing the part, the changes that needed to be made for manufacturability, etc.?

Machine Research unlocks your knowledge.


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We have two solutions:

ShareView 3D

Free 3D CAD Model Viewer. Built for individual users to view and analyze 3D models and extract basic geometric information for faster, more accurate costing. Convert, store and share your models securely. Free for Life.


ShareView 3D PRO

3D CAD Model viewer and quoting software for machine shops and manufacturers. Built for custom manufacturing teams who need to share knowledge and improve quoting speed and accuracy. Provides a centralized, shared catalog of all your models and drawings and costing information. COMING THIS FALL.