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Running a machine shop is complicated business. It’s even more complicated when you have to link multiple software systems together to make it all work — before you even start making parts. We believe software systems can do a better job of supporting the workflow within today’s modern machine shops. Machine Research provides a set of cloud-based applications that make each step of your internal process more efficient and your shop more profitable.

The Problem

RFQs come in by phone, email, or web, accompanied by 3D CAD models (along with other files and documents), not easily viewable without expensive CAD platform licenses or CAM platform translator add-ons. Let’s face it: paying for a CAD license for every employee in sales, business development, program/project management, and the front office would be prohibitively expensive, and would amount to overkill relative to their specific needs.

Furthermore, quoting is typically based on “tribal knowledge” and resides in the heads of a select few within most companies. It is largely done with spreadsheets or ERP systems — tools that don’t help speed the process, and that typically lack the kind of functionality that could help you leverage your knowledge of past work.

One of your most valuable assets is the knowledge of past projects: how you quoted them, how you programmed the manufacturing process, and how similar some of those past projects are to what you’re currently working on. How do you know if you’ve done a similar project in the past and whether it was profitable?
Machine Research helps you unlock your knowledge.


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Access CAD models directly from your catalog, email, or cloud storage, on your mobile devices. — iOS and Android apps now available


We have two solutions:

ShareView 3D

Free 3D CAD Model Viewer. Built for individual users to view and analyze 3D models and extract basic geometric information for faster, more accurate costing. Convert, store and share your models securely. Free for Life.


ShareView 3D PRO

3D CAD Model viewer and quoting software for machine shops and manufacturers. Built for custom manufacturing teams who need to share knowledge and improve quoting speed and accuracy. Provides a centralized, shared catalog of all your models and drawings and costing information. COMING THIS FALL.