The Dream of Universal CAD Viewing

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The Dream of Universal CAD Viewing

Over the last 30 years, the world of manufacturing has become dramatically less vertically integrated and much more specialized. While many more components are subcontracted to experts with a specific manufacturing process expertise or technology rather than being made under one roof by the product developer, the system works because product data are communicated through the supply chain through CAD models and digital manufacturing instructions bridging the gap.

One problem that frustrates various manufacturers — including 3D printers, CNC machine shops, sheet metal suppliers, circuit board manufactures, and others — is the difficulty of opening the variety of CAD models that are licensed to product designers. Most manufacturers don’t design products, but they do need to open and view a variety of CAD model formats regularly. This means that they need access to costly CAD design software, even though they have no need of the design tools.

This is a problem we are solving at Machine Research with our universal CAD viewing and translation solution. We believe everyone in the manufacturing organization of the future should be able to visualize the work at hand through universal access to CAD model viewing on any device. We are making the dream of universal CAD viewing come true.

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