From Here to Singularity

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From Here to Singularity

Futurists predict that near the year 2040, artificial intelligence will eclipse human intelligence, ushering in the era of “the singularity”. Deep Blue — the computer program that began beating humans at chess — and Watson — the computer that can beat the best human players at the television game show Jeopardy! —are just the beginning, futurists say. The implication for craftsmen and those that understand the intricate complexities of manufacturing things is that when the singularity arrives, we will just push a button and things will be made automatically.

This may be well and good, but from where we sit today, it looks like there is a very long way to go in the world of manufacturing to achieve that dream. There is a lot that can be done today to improve the manufacturing environment. Just being able to effortlessly view CAD models from anywhere on any device, having a secure place where all manufacturing knowledge, machine code, and procedures can reside, and finally being able to access everything through much more powerful search tools like shape search will bring about significant improvements. This is what we are doing at Machine Research to support those that dream of a brighter future for manufacturing.

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