MKS and the Future of Manufacturing

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MKS and the Future of Manufacturing

In the distant future, machines will make everything completely automatically. Machines will program themselves, factories will run without much human involvement, and robots will assemble products while we mortals will enjoy the benefits of a much better world. At the heart of that future condition will be the human knowledge about how to make things that has built up over millennia. The manufacturers and the craftsmen that came before will all be present deep down in the code of the machines that run the fully automated manufacturing world of the future.

As we launch the Machine Research Manufacturing Knowledge System (MKS), our mission is to help manufacturers, craftsmen, and makers of all types do their jobs better by preserving their hard-won knowledge of how to make things for future generations and efficient reuse.

Whether the future of manufacturing is as utopian as described above or whether it’s just an unrealistic pipe dream matters not to us at Machine Research. What we do know is that the world is on a long march toward greater efficiency, quality, and speed. Our platform is designed to help those that dream of doing things a little better tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that.

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