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Knowledge unlocked builds your bottom line.

Machine Research builds powerful manufacturing tools that scale with you.

We offer two versions for any business size, customized to your needs.

Machine Research designs software that addresses efficiency gaps in the manufacturing workflow in order to maximize profitability. We recognize the investment your business already has in software, from ERP to CAD to CAM. Our complementary software tools unlock the power of your systems to maximize your productivity.

You make things. We help you make them faster, better, and more profitably.

Machine Research has two solutions that scale with you.

Machine Research Basic helps shops communicate and collaborate more effectively with our CAD view and translate tool combined with the power and scalability of our secure manufacturing platform. These allow you to view any project on any device, and synch any changes you make across every platform in real time. (Try our Free Trial today)

Machine Research Professional takes manufacturing to another level by including our proprietary Shape Search tool set, and our quoting engine, which gives you instant access to accurate costing data and empowers you to generate a quote on the fly. This also allows your manufacturing team to use past projects as a starting point for new ones, accelerating the production planning and programming processes significantly.  (Coming soon)

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