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To experience how effortless you can read, view, edit, translate and write AutoCAD™ .dwg files, sign up for a free version of Machine Research’s 3D CAD viewer and start using our dwg file viewer today. Our software allows you to upload up to 50 models, free of charge. You will be able to view the model, measure it, apply a bounding box, make annotations, translate it into other formats, and share it with anyone via email or a link. All for free.

Machine Research & DWG

The .dwg file data format is the world’s most commonly used CAD and drawing file type. Machine Research understands that manufacturers don’t always own, nor do they need, a full seat of AutoCAD. What they do have is the need to view, translate and write .dwg files in an efficient manner (for instance, sheet metal fabricators mainly use .dwg files as an input to their manufacturing systems without necessarily owning a seat of AutoCAD). Machine Research develops software that let our customers read, view, edit, translate and write most versions of the .dwg format without the need to own or subscribe to any specific CAD software platform. Machine Research’s products support the current .dwg format and any format in between back to AutoCAD R14 (released in 1994). Customers can also translate and write a .dwg file to other common manufacturing industry file formats, X_T, IGES, DXF, ACIS, STEP, SAT and more. Since Machine Research’s products are cloud-based they can be securely accessed 24/7 from a web browser on any computer or mobile device anytime, everywhere. We also plan to offer ITAR compliant services for customers that are required to adhere to ITAR regulations. More…

DWG™ – Some Background

DWG™ and .dwg are two different, but connected things. DWG refers to a technology platform and .dwg refers to the (native) data file format for AutoCAD™ and related products. Autodesk developed the .dwg format in 1982 in context of releasing its AutoCAD product.
Over the years, .dwg has become an industry de-facto standard for design file data format and is by far the most commonly used CAD file format in the world. Every CAD/CAM package on the market can read and write a .dwg file format. Autodesk generally updates its DWG & .dwg format data structure every 3 years, last time was with the AutoCAD 2013 release. Current release of AutoCAD is always backwards compatible with previous .dwg formats/releases. More…


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DWG Viewer Versions Supported

  • DWG 2000
  • DWG 2004
  • DWG 2007
  • DWG 2010
  • DWG 2013
  • All DWF Versions

DWG is a trademark of Autodesk, Inc.

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