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Machine Research & IGES

The IGES file format standard is still common, and the DOD requires all of its suppliers to deliver and maintain product documentation in the IGES format. Machine Research understands that our customers have the need to read, view, and translate IGES files without difficulty. We have developed tools that let our customers manage any IGES file versions without the need to own a CAD platform. We support the latest IGES 5.3 format and any format back to IGES 4.0. Customers can also translate and write an IGES file to several other common manufacturing industry file formats, such as: X_T, DXF, ACIS, STEP, SAT and more. Machine Research provides a rich set of file management, quoting and advanced work flow tools for manufacturers and since all our products are highly secure, cloud-based, they are available via a web browser on any computer or mobile device anywhere, anytime. We also plan to offer ITAR-compliant services for customers required to adhere to ITAR regulations.

IGES – Some Background

IGES [Initial Graphics Exchange Specification] was the first national standard established for CAD data exchange (file extensions are .igs or .iges). The IGES Project was initiated in 1979, primarily driven by customers frustrated with the inability to share data between early commercial CAD systems and internally developed systems.
The IGES Project was initiated as a ‘joint venture’ between customers, CAD vendors, and the US Department of Defense. Boeing & GE provided their internally developed CAD translators and Applicon, Computer Vision & Gerber shared their CAD database structures. The Department of Defense [DOD] provided funding and the National Institute of Standard & Technology [NIST] headed up and coordinated the technical side of the IGES Project. IGES Version 1.0 was released in 1980, as standard ASME Y14.26M. The new IGES standard was implemented by all major software vendors and became a required file format for doing business with the DOD. IGES was developed up to version 5.3, released in 1996, and is still supported by all major CAD/CAM systems. However, due to the technical shortcomings of IGES, the STEP standard was developed as a successor and replacement for IGES. More…


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IGES Viewer Extensions Supported

sat file viewer, sat viewer, 3d sat viewer from Machine Research
  • .IGS
  • .IGES
  • Versions 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3

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