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To learn more about working with SAT® files in Machine Research’s solutions and how to edit, translate, and write ACIS® SAT® files, sign up for a free trial today! Machine Research’s products are highly secure, cloud-based services which means they are always available through a standard browser on any mobile device or computer, anyplace, anytime. We also plan to offer ITAR compliant services for customers that are required to adhere to ITAR regulations. Pay for the functionality you need as a manufacturer, not for expensive tools you don’t.

Machine Research & SAT® files

Given the open file format of ACIS’s SAT files, there are several viewers available with some of them being free of charge. However, a ‘viewer only’ application is limiting in terms of functionality compared to what most manufacturers need to do to 3D CAD models. Once a manufacturer receives a part as a SAT file, besides just viewing, most have the need to edit, repair, measure, put a bounding box around the model, and then write it to another CAD/CAM file format or data exchange standard format like STEP, IGES, etc. Machine Research supplies products that enable manufacturers, sales executives, and front office staff to read, view, edit, organize, and write SAT files without the added expense of owning multiple CAD/CAM licenses. More…

SAT® file format – Some Background

ACIS® is the name of the 3D solid modelling kernel developed by Spatial Corporation. The first commercial version of the ACIS kernel was released in 1989. Spatial was founded 1986 in Cambridge, UK and later purchased by Dassault Systèmes in 2000.
SAT® is commonly used when referring to the native file format for ACIS 3D data in an ASCII file representation (.sat extension), but there’s a binary representation as well with the .sab extension. The .sat ASCII file can be accessed, read and interpreted, without any specific licensing from Spatial making it popular among 3rd party developers. There are several CAD systems leveraging ACIS’s kernel, including platforms like Spaceclaim and TurboCAD.More…


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SAT or ACIS Viewer Extensions Supported

  • SAT (Standard ACIS Text)
  • SAB (Standard ACIS Binary)

ACIS® and SAT® are registered trademarks of Spatial Corporation.

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