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To discover more about reading, viewing, editing, translating and writing Parasolid® XT/.x_t files, sign up for a 14 day free trial and begin using the .x_t file viewer and translator (plus other powerful tools) today. Machine Research’s products are powerful, highly secure, and cloud-based, which makes them accessible via a web browser on any computer or mobile device anywhere, anytime. We also plan to offer ITAR compliant services for customers that are required to adhere to ITAR regulations. Pay for the functionality you need as a manufacturer, not for expensive tools you don’t.

Machine Research & XT/.x_t

Because of the popularity of the XT/.x_t file format there’s a huge need for viewing, manipulating, healing, and translating Parasolid 3D models throughout many manufacturing segments. However, due to the cost CAD and/or CAM software platforms, these simple functions become inaccessible to many employees without direct access to that software. . In many organizations, sales and front office personnel require programmers (and their desktop CAD/CAM software) to help them view models for quote generation and other front office tasks. Machine Research has created products that change this workflow by making a XT/.x_t viewer and translator accessible to each and every employee within the organization – our Basic service. Furthermore, our tools make it possible to streamline the quoting process through our Professional service that includes a customizable quoting engine. Our Expert service goes a step further allowing users to search a database of all legacy projects and models allowing them to reuse manufacturing data, real runtime information, actual costs, and programming time. More…

XT/.x_t file format – Some Background

XT/.X_T is the native file format representation of Parasolid® 3D data (file extension is .x_t). Parasolid is a 3D geometric modeling kernel technology, developed and owned by Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. Parasolid was initially developed by Shape Data in Cambridge, UK.
McDonnell Douglas Unigraphics acquired Shape Data in 1988 and deployed Parasolid as the kernel for their new ‘UG/Solids’ CAD system. Today, Solidworks, Siemens-NX, and Solidedge are the most well-known CAD systems based on Parasolid’s 3D kernel. In the CAM world, XT/.x_t has become the file type of choice among machine shops (and many other manufacturers) due mostly to prevalence of Solidworks as a design platform. Nearly every CAM software platform on the market supports reading and viewing native Parasolid XT/.x_t files without the need for translations. More…


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Parasoid Viewer Extensions Supported

  • X_T
  • X_B
  • XMT

Parasolid® is a registered trademark of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

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