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Our team of experts has compiled the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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  • I didn’t receive my confirmation code. What do I do?
    Check your spam folders and junk mail folders for an email from If you did not receive an email, there may be another problem. Please contact and we will reset your registration.
  • How can I increase model upload speed?
    If it’s taking minutes, rather than seconds to upload a CAD model, try clearing your browser cache per the following links: Chrome,  Firefox,  Safari
  • What does Machine Research provide?
    Machine Research provides software for custom manufacturers who are looking for ways to improve their estimating, quoting and manufacturing processes. Our ShareView 3D products allow you to upload, view, analyze and catalog 3D models (and soon select 2D models and PDF files). Soon we will offer estimating and quoting that utilizes information from your part catalog to help you estimate and quote faster so you can win more profitable business.
  • Why is Machine Research offering 3D CAD model viewing and translation?
    The custom manufacturing process starts with a 3D model or in some cases a 2D drawing. These models can be in a variety of formats.
  • What 3D CAD formats will the Machine Research software view and translate?
    We support all the major CAD and Neutral file formats, including AutoCAD 3D, Inventor, SolidWorks, Catia V5, Pro/ Engineer ACIS, Parasolid, Siemens NX, Solid Edge, STEP and IGES. To view all of the file formats we translate, visit the
    CAD Viewing and Translation page
  • What advantages does ShareView 3D offer for manufacturer’s estimation and quoting?
    Manufacturers often use many tools to quote work from Excel spreadsheets to ERP quoting applications, but none of them have the advantage of being able to access cost information or underlying CAD model data from similar parts to enhance the quoting process. By enabling visual shape search technology to access a database of similar parts that have been made before and accessing actual cost data, a manufacturer is able to more accurately quote new parts.
  • What is Shape Search?
    Shape searching is a technology that allows a user to initiate a search using a 3D CAD model. Once a search is initiated, similar designs are located for comparison. This technology enables manufacturers to access and accelerate manufacturing knowledge transfer from a previously manufactured part to a new one being quoted. The process can assist in the quoting process as well as provide a much faster start of the programming process.
  • Why does Machine Research offer a Cloud based software solution?
    Today’s manufacturing companies commonly receive CAD models and RFQ’s from their customers via email and through secure FTP sites. It is also common that manufacturers are required to want to view these files on multiple devices in the office and on the go. Cloud based software systems are the most efficient way to provide anywhere and anytime access across any device.
  • Can my files be accessed and viewed on a mobile device?
    ShareView 3D is available on iOS and Android devices as well as any laptop or desktop computer. A user will have the ability to view, manipulate, and work with the application through their device’s web browser.
  • What is included in the free version of ShareView 3D and how does it differ from the paid version?
    ShareView 3D offers free viewing and storage of up to 20 models per month. ShareView 3D PRO removes limits. ShareView 3D Enterprise adds ShapeSearch to facilitate searching for similar items and copy estimate and quoting data to new projects.
  • Does ShareView 3D connect with ERP or CAM applications?
    ShareView 3D Enterprise has open APIs to allow ERP, CRM and CAM applications to transfer data to and from ShareView 3D Enterprise. If you have a requested application that you’d like us to integrate with – please feel free to Contact Us.
  • Are my CAD files secure on a Cloud service like Machine Research?
    Your files will be more secure than they can possibly be on your local computers and servers. The redundant backup systems employed by Machine Research will insure that your valuable data will never be lost or stolen. We are also an ITAR registered business for those that need this level of control.
  • If I discontinue service with Machine Research can I get my files back?
    We consider your files your property and if you regrettably decide to discontinue service, we will maintain your files on our servers for 30 days. In those 30 days you will have the ability to download any of your files back to your local systems. After 30 days, we will delete your data.
  • Why is Machine Research offering ITAR level file security for manufacturers who handle sensitive parts?
    Many companies involved in the manufacturing of defense and other controlled technologies are required by their customers and the US Government to keep sensitive data secure and only available to permitted US persons and citizens. To support these customer requirements, we are an ITAR registered company and can store all ITAR-required data on our ITAR servers.
  • Does Machine Research offer CAD, CAM or ERP solutions?
    Machine Research does not offer CAD, CAM or ERP solutions. We are open to integrate data from ERP and CRM systems into the part catalog. We are also open to integrating with PLM/PDM and CAM data to provide a more seamless experience between the design, estimating, quoting and manufacturing phases of design. ERP provides useful information for estimation and pricing. CRM provides useful customer data and would link to quoting. CAM is most applicable to estimates. CAD/PDM/PLM solutions would be integrated to keep models in sync with the part catalog.
  • Will ShareView 3D work with any web browser?
    ShareView 3D is designed to work with all web browsers, but is tested on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  It is accessible through both iOS and Android devices.


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ShareView 3D

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3D CAD Model viewer and quoting software for machine shops and manufacturers. Built for custom manufacturing teams who need to share knowledge and improve quoting speed and accuracy. Provides a centralized, shared catalog of all your models and drawings and costing information. COMING THIS FALL.