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Machine Research: your source for on-demand knowledge and manufacturing excellence.

Machine Research provides workflow optimization tools to manufacturers. Our own roots are in real world manufacturing, software and technology. Our team has worked hard to build easy-to-use software tools to solve significant problems manufacturers encounter routinely during manufacturing workflow process. As we built our platform solution, we knew that others would find value in it as well, and our discussions on the subject boiled down to one simple principle: if we can use technology to unlock the knowledge embedded in your manufacturing shop, then your workflow and processes can improve substantially, ultimately making a significant bottom-line impact. Consider this:

  • The ability to reuse and transfer  knowledge in many manufacturing sectors is difficult or non-existent.
  • Manufacturers often reinvent the wheel every time they manufacture a new part, forcing reliance on in-house tribal knowledge versus actual costing, manufacturing, and programming information from geometrically similar parts manufactured in the past.
  • The ability to easily locate and use valuable knowledge from the past allows manufacturers to work quicker, increasing operational efficiency and overall profitability.

Machine Research has developed a rich set of applications on a cloud-based architecture that enable manufacturers to easily view and translate any file, collaborate seamlessly, search and reuse past job infrastructure, accurately quote and cost new work, and build a shape-searchable archive of your shop’s work and the specs on every job. These applications collectively can save your shop time and money while unlocking new productivity potential.

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Machine Research Corporation

10165 SW Commerce Circle, Suite H, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070

Toll-free number: 1-800-930-0289


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We have two solutions:

ShareView 3D

Free 3D CAD Model Viewer. Built for individual users to view and analyze 3D models and extract basic geometric information for faster, more accurate costing. Convert, store and share your models securely. Free for Life.


ShareView 3D PRO

3D CAD Model viewer and quoting software for machine shops and manufacturers. Built for custom manufacturing teams who need to share knowledge and improve quoting speed and accuracy. Provides a centralized, shared catalog of all your models and drawings and costing information. COMING THIS FALL.